Southern Caramel

Handcrafted caramel confections located in Central Florida. A sweet tradition.

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Pamper yourself with a box of our caramels and join the multitude of satisfied customers that expect the very best from a sweet indulgence. When placing your order, consider blessing family members and friends with a box or two. Help spread the warm spirit of Southern hospitality!


The following recipe was developed by Ms. Marcy Meier Braselton, owner of Community Kitchen Atlanta.  Visit Marcy's website at for a host of taste-tempting recipes. Caramel Apple Crumble Muffins Muffins: 1/2 C cultured butter, room temperature 1/4 C granulated sugar 1/4 C light brown sugar 2 eggs 1 T vanilla bean paste 1 2/3 C Unbleached cake flour 1 t baking soda 1 C high quality apple butter 3/4 C cultured whole buttermilk 1 jar Southern Caramel Salted Caramel Sauce Crumble: 1/2 C old fashioned oats 1/4 C cake flour 1/4 C brown sugar 1 T ground cinnamon 1 t ground ginger 1 -

Sarah and Jimi have spent years together walking through the Florida hardwoods and swamps, watching the beauty of the world around them.  Some of these moments occurred in a tree-stand where they would enjoy four or five uninterrupted hours to open their souls to each other, whispering back and forth about what was happening in their lives.  About sharing their fears, hopes and dreams.  About planning for tomorrow, while enjoying the present day.  About appreciating the smallest details in life.  About watching the sun