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Small Batch

All confections are made in small batches to ensure the highest standards of quality and consistency.

Perfectly Caramelized​

Our caramels are expertly caramelized with the purest ingredients resulting in a smooth, buttery finish.


Each batch is hand-crafted & inspected ensuring the highest quality caramels are delivered.  They make a great gift or favor!

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Southern Caramel

A tradition in creating the best caramel you have ever tasted.
At Southern Caramel we make one thing and we make it well. We have perfected our recipe over time through a process that was admittedly a little tricky. Hours were spent in the kitchen over a period of several months making adjustments until we arrived at what we felt was the BEST caramel. Something that started out as Christmas gifts soon turned into a mission to bring our loved ones truly the best caramel they had ever tasted. Thus, Southern Caramel was born.
Our caramels are made from scratch by hand using pure ingredients. Just like grandma used to make and a whole lotta love. The fact that our caramels are made in small batches allows us to maintain a level of consistency throughout our production process that results in a quality product.
What makes us different from the caramel that you can buy at the grocery store? The most commonly heard words after someone tries our caramel for the first time is, “Oh, my goodness!” The main thing that sets us apart from other manufacturers is our flavor. Nothing compares to the taste of true caramel. We start with pure cane sugar and then we caramelize it. This may seem like an obvious step but many producers of caramel products you see on shelves are not taking the time to cook their sugar and truly caramelize it. The result is a sugary sweet brown filling that lacks the depth of flavor that characterizes true caramel. If you are ready to taste caramel the way it is meant to taste, just give Southern Caramel a try.
Fast Shipping

Although all items are made to order, we know many may be gifts and ship fast!

Quality Guarantee

We only use the best ingredients and original recipes for our confections.

The Perfect Gift

The gift of caramel is perfect for holidays, birthdays, and special events.

Wholesale Orders

We have the ability to deliver wholesale and bulk orders for your business or event.

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